This design thing may be an obsession.


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Well here you are, and here I am.

Hello, I'm Stephen Philpott, and I love design. For a long time I was that guy who worked on movies and commercials. Then one day I decided to pursue a career in advertising design. I studied copywriting, marketing, typography, layout, and wound up here—as a graphic designer and brand consultant.


Poster Design
Magazine Layout
Print Advertising
Print Collateral
Package Design
Direct Mail


Art Direction
Vision and Strategy
Logo Design
Lettering and Type
Brand Naming

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Some Clients

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Movement Mortgage

QC Exclusive Magazine

Clean Catch Fish Market

The Sporting Gent

Queens Cup Steeplechase

Rhino Market & Deli

Brands deserve to be seen.

There are many great brands out there that offer great services to their clientele, but oftentimes they get lost behind inconsistent design and messaging, and an overall lack of focus. For many brands this is a natural, yet unfortunate evolution. I believe that all of them deserve better. I want brands to have clear, consistent messaging and style—and that begins with identifying what they want to convey to their customers.